New Top Gun shock

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Expat foibles

Top Gun before dark ..

Long time customers of infamous South Jakarta expat watering hole, Topgun, were shocked to learn only today that their bar of choice had been renamed “New Top Gun” sometime last year.

“Why?”, said one slightly the worse for wear regular as he was having his shoes shined by Mas Budi from Solo, “it’s just the same fucking place”.

Even cursory observation reveals that indeed little if anything has changed since the bar first opened way back in the 198os, including the notorious bodily fluid stained towels in toilets which have seen better days themselves, and indeed many of the bar girls who call Top Gun “home”. Commented one Australian long term resident who wisely preferred not to give your correspondent his name, “the only thing new here mate are the bleedin’ prices which seem to go up every time I come in”.

A small group at the bar who had been in since Happy Hour began six hours previously were plotting a boycott unless the name was changed back, plotting that is until their leader “Chuck” from the State of Louisiana was mysteriously whisked away by an apprentice hairdresser from Palabuhan Ratu bearing a remarkable resemblance to his sister and going by the name of Titi, offering a happy ending and a 50% discount of her own. The rest were clearly torn between breaking the place up or demanding a similar discount for themselves.

Top Gun owner and mangement were unable to be contacted by phone or e-mail for the reasons behind the rather misleading name change, however, the shoe shine boy, Budi, suggested it was probably a tax dodge as he had seen Gayus going into the VIP room several times last year, once while he was still in jail (sic).

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