Singapore Dinner Party Shock!!

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Corruption

Reports are coming in from our Singapore stringer of a dinner party last evening at a private dining room of the Raffles Hotel in that yawn inducing city. Such an event is not unusual but the guest list will certainly be of interest to Jakarta readers as it included Muhammad Nazaruddin, Nunun Nurbaeti, Gayus Tambunan and recently arrived Jakarta Interleague Treasurer, Paddy O’Finnion.

As they left the luxury hotel, where rooms cost up to $87,345 per night, our intrepid stringer attempted to question the infamous attendees as to the reasons for the dinner party when the only reply he got was from the lovely Ms. Nunun who replied, “Tidak tau, saya lupa!” before bursting into fits of giggles. When asked if he would be returning to Jakarta, Mr Nazarruddin replied “yes, just as soon as SBY signs off the extradition treaty” before, in his turn, dissolving into fits of giggles.

O’Finnion was merely to resort to “Fuck off, I’m the girl caddies best friend, give BJC my love!!” before heading for the MRT station.

Gayus was less forthcoming, saying only “it’s not me, Tuan, I’m in jail” before being driven off to a tennis tournament in a silver Mercedes C300 by a chauffeur clothed in what appeared to be prison officer’s uniform.


Shall we pay with Travellers Check?

Our stringer managed, at significant personal safety risk, to secure this photograph which will surely lay to rest the concerns of any remaining doubters.

A spokesman for the Hotel confirmed that the group had largely selected off the Western menu and paid by Travellers Check.

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