Expat faces up to five years in jail

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Expat foibles, Pak Polisi, Sport

definitely NOT Fatmawati golf course

Utter confusion lies around the arrest of expat golfer, Alex McLeish, at the weekend on the rather challenged Royal and Ancient Fatmawati course in Cilendak. Fellow golfer, Norman Kincade, who was playing with McLeish on the 12th hole at the time (second time around – blue flags) told us that his friend had put two in the water already and was just teeing up a third when they were surrounded by around 20 armed members of the Jakarta Police commercial special force and thrown to the ground.

It appears that after questioning and establishment of identities, McLeish was handcuffed, blindfolded and taken away to police custody in South Jakarta. While MacLeish remains in jail, charges have yet be made and remain unclear. Sources indicate that the issue is around a number of TaylorMade R11 ™ drivers offered for sale on Kuskus.com recently. Apparently, high tech equipment sold in Indonesia is required to have a User Manual in Bahasa Indonesia (Petunjuk) and that was not provided. Offenders face up to five years in jail.

A close friend of McLeish who refused to be identified but believed to be Scots also said, “Yae dinnae need a fookin user manual to use a driver unless your a friggin’ Sassenach”. An Englishman playing in the same group suggested that the R11 was “totally wasted on Alex, the cunt had already lost 8 balls and we were only on the 12th tee for Christ’s sake”

Pak Kincade explained that his friend had bought a dozen of the TaylorMade ™ drivers in Singapore where they retail at around $850 a pop, while on a recent business trip but, on return to Jakarta had “buyers remorse” and was flogging them off on the Internet in Jakarta for $1,200 a piece.

Jakarta Police spokesman, Sr. Comr. Budi Samusamu said Monday the arrest of Pak McLeish was part of the effort to curb the illegal trade in imported hi tech gadgets, conducted in collaboration with the industry, trade and information ministries. He added that the Police were investigating at least 11 cases involving the illegal trade in TaylorMade ™ R11s.

Separately, Indonesian Consumer Protection Foundation (YLKI) Chairwoman Hubna Zahat said that if buyers had no complaints about the gadgets then the suspect (McLeish) should not have been arrested.

Alex McLeish

McLeish remains in jail and is likely to remain there for some months until the case comes to trial. A petition urging his release, currently signed by over 100 Blok-M barmaids and bar girls, on the grounds of likely economic hardship, is currently in circulation.

The NottheJakartaPost Business Correspondent advises that purveyors of foreign sourced iPads face similar issues.

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