Outsize celebrations as Alex is released!!

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Expat foibles, Sport

Outrage over the circumstances surrounding the detention and arrest of long term Jakarta expat Alex McLeish took a rather more practical turn in D’s place on Monday evening with a whip round raising nearly twenty million roops for his legal defence. Bar manager, Pak Darsuki, praised this show of solidarity with one of his best customers commenting “Banyak uang, Pak!”

Welcome home Alex, we missed you darling!

In a remarkable, not to say unusual, display of getting value for money in Jakarta, newly hired Menggugat, Merebut dan Lari, legendary Jakarta advocates who were pivotal in securing for Bob Hassan the World Tree Preservation Society’s premier award for 1995, had Alex out on bail and into his favourite bar just as Happy Hour started where he was to be joined by dozens of cheering supporters anxious to participate in what was to turn out to be an evening of epic proportions. Pak Darsuki commented that, “we haven’t had as many in here since our tenth birthday party when we were giving the draft Bintang away for free, Pak”

Fortunately, and despite the crowds, your correspondent was able to speak with Pak Alex for a few moments and this despite the counter attraction on his knee of the most lovely Miss Dewi, allegedly a hairdresser from Bukit Tinggi.

The pole dancers celebrate Alex's return

Asked to comment on the legal basis for the case, Alex replied that “it’s ah fuckin’ nonsense son, mah mate Norman spake right when he said it’s only the fuckin’ Sassenachs fit need a User Manual” before returning to his Margarita.

Alex also revealed that TaylorMade ™ had been in contact and that a significant sponsorship deal was in the pipeline together with a possible exclusive distributorship for Java and Sumatra.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said that “Investigations continue following the release of Pak Alex, however, the petition by the many ladies in Blok-M moved us to quickly ensure his release on bail, thereby showing traditional Indonesia respect for fairness and justice. scurrilous rumours that bribes were paid in this respect are just that, rumours. Here at the Ministry of Justice we are of course”Bebas Pugli”.

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  1. Missing Jakarta says:

    If you would be so kind, I beleive I had an evening with the pole dancer in blue on a business visit to Jakarta and have been thinking of her ever since, a phone number or e-mail address would be much appreciated

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