Editor’s Kemang residence raided by Pak Polisi

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Corruption, Expat foibles, Pak Polisi

Ma'af Pak, Pak Oga ada?

In a further shock development in a week of shocks, this was the scene outside the Kemang residence and office of the editor of your favourite expatriate organ at 05:45 this morning. And they weren’t looking for a cup of tea.

Four of the NottheJakartaPost.com ™ staff have been detained by Pak Polisi together with several computers, a large number of hand phones, the contents of your editor’s cocktail cabinet, a Nintendo DS and, perhaps ironically, his iPad2, though no worries there as he had quickly kmocked up a 3 page Indonesian language user manual for it the previous evening.

Fortunately, I had my helmet on

While the full reasons behind the raid and arrests remain far from clear, the questions being asked by Pak polisi seem to indicate the issue is linked to the 25% of our share capital owned by News International and allegations around the breaking into SMS mail boxes of a number of well known expatriates and several policeman on the case of Alex McLeish brought to light by this organ over the past few days.

Picture left shows the editor being encouraged to join the police for discussions in Jakarta Police headquarters. He had been on his way to meet Pak Alex for a further interview which is the reason for his wearing a helmet at the time. Needless to say the further interview with Pak McLeish is on hold until things return to normal. which they will, mudah2-an.

At 09:00 this morning the following statement was issued by the President Director of NotTheJakarta Post PT.

Matters have been brought to my attention that a contract member of our staff may have been involved in the “hacking” of the phones of some involved in what has become known as “McLeish-gate”. I can assure all that this is against our best-in-class internal ethics policies and the contractor involved has been sacked just in case.

News International is a valued long term shareholder in our company and had provided us with valuable technical advice during the setting up of our operations and seconded one of their most experienced journalists to our staff for a year.

Following this, an e-mail was received from News International’s SE Asia Regional Desk based in Canary Wharf, London, UK following out advice on the situation here.

You think you have problems, you should see the shit going off this end with the News of the World, The British police are after your secondee ****** <name deleted for legal reasons>, suggest that you give him an air ticket to anywhere he wants to go except the UK and tell him to get the fuck out. And for Christ’s sake incinerate all your mobile phones NOW.

Our Blok-M stringer reports having later met a detectives on the case in one of Falatehan’s more dubious establishments and learned, under conditions of anonymity, that an arrest warrant had been received from the UK police for an expat journalist working for “some new Internet newspaper” and that was why their offices had been worked over this morning..

So, as you can imagine dear reader, confusion rules here and future posts are in significant jeopardy, especially with one of our staff on the run and the rest in jail, not to mention Inter-League golf at Jagorawi on Sunday so, please, do continue to watch this space.


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