Your favourite organ censored!!!

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Reader dialogue

Big Brother in town??

Seeing that our usual viewing figures were down some this morning, our IT Department, Mas Budi, was checking out all possible techno gizmo stuff when, while squatting on the loo after lunch, he tried to get contact with the site from his iPad when he got the message you see from his service provider, Telkomsel.

For those of you unfamiliar with the delights of the Indonesian langage, the message says in essence that “the site you are opening is not able to be accessed via this network

Unmistakably censorship from the largely Goverment owned and directed entity responsible for most of the Internet traffic in the country.

Earlier, Mas Budi had also noticed that a link to our organ’s excellent article on the dangers of nuclear from the Greenpeace Indonesia Facebook Page had been deleted not once but TWICE. Surely there can be no connection between these two events? Is it possible that perhaps the world’s largest and most respected enviromental organisation and the Indonesian Government are as one on the issue of the development of a nuclear plant at Bangka Island? One had heard that Greenpeace were looking more favourably upon nuclear these days, but surely they would not stoop to the depths of co-operating with a government responsible for allowing the chopping down of more forest than that of Brazil?

Be assured that, through the offices of our trusted lawyers, Menggugat, Merebut dan Lari, we are taking every possible step to remove the black hand of censorship from your organ.

  1. The Kemang Kowboy says:

    You are jumping to what may be a premature conclusion, it could also be News International in response to your nicking their shares – or even TaylorMade getting pissed off with all the bad publicity

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