Disappearing now at a cinema near you

Posted: July 15, 2011 in General, Reader dialogue

With Summer well and truly here, it’s that time of year again when Joe Expat and his family’s thoughts turn to the cinema blockbusters. What better way to entertain the kids than getting down to the Mal and taking in Shrek 6, Cars 2, Pirates of the Carribean meets Son of Bonny and Clyde, Harry Potter and  the Temple of Doom and the rest.

I don’t know what cinemas are like back home where you come from, but many of the ones here put those in my town to shame; try booking a double bed in Blitz Megaples in Pacific Place, amazing way to watch a film, and cheap as chips – and even the regular seats have so much more leg room than back in “civilisation” where they pack you in like the girls in Bats on a Friday night. Here the people are half the size and get given twice as much legroom. Go figure.

fancythis one?

So, way to go, right? …. erm, no, offerings in your local Mal these days are sans anything Joe would want to take the boys and girls to with number 1 at Megaplex this week being Catatan Harian Si Boy with other top offerings including Serdadu Kumbang and Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap.

Indonesian language skills not up to scratch?, then there is also in fact a slate of ancient English language films on offer, unfortunately the sort of films that if you actually saw them when they first came round some years ago, you really wish you hadn’t.

So, what to do? As ever in Jakarta, where there is demand someone will come up with supply and your humble scribe can confirm, after a life threatening visit to Poins Square, that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – Part 2 is generally available. Unfortunately, it appears to have been shot with a hand held camera by a chap afflicted with a particulalry nasty case of cerebral palsy and with  a man in the row in front of him who was only ever to stop noisily eating popcorn in order to stand up and make his frequent trips to the toilet.

It’s all enough to make a grown man cry, so what is going one here, dammit? The answer, as always in Indonesia, is, in the immortal words of Deep Throat, “follow the money” with all the usual suspects involved including Suharto era cronies, monopolies, Pak Gayus’ friends of course and feisty newcomers.

Received opinion is that resolution is unlikely in the near future so NottheJakartaPost’s film critic suggests a weekend family visit to Singpaore where the Blockbuster season is in full swing; or taking that long delayed home leave you have been promising yourself. Good luck and, erm, happy viewing.

  1. We have similarly wonderful cinemas here, but with the added bonus that they show all the latest international films, with only slightly annoying Thai subtitles.

    This is probably because the Thai film industry is too weak to support the cinemas. Lame comedies or brutal ghost stories is the standard fare. Someone reported taking their kids to see Harry Potter last weekend, and the cinema helpfully showed a trailer for a Thai film which included a realistic decapitation scene. Serves them right for going to see the Harry Potter nonsense.

  2. Why does your site not support Gravitars? Get on it man!

  3. ah, really, ok, right on it ….

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