The results are in!!!!

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Sport

Fatmawati's exciting new expat swing coach

The results of the readers golf course survey are now in and, it would be true to say, contain some surprises, not least amongst them being Fatmatwati finding itself in a respectable equal 8th place while Matoa and Pondok Cabe, decent courses both, failed to register any support at all.

The guidance provided by your favourite expat organ was of course that the criterion for judgement of the courses was entirely in the hands of each reader. It is clear therefore that quality of Bakso Gwa is high on the list of attractions for those who voted for the “Royal and Ancient Fatmawati“, it surely cannot be for the quality of its greens and clubhouse.

Less surprisingly Bogor Raya and Riverside,  excellent courses both, attracted the support of nearly 75% of those voting, to take equal top spot. Though I personally find Riverside a bit of a man-eater both are venues to which your Editor will happily return just as soon as all that crap is completed on the Jagorawi Tol; two hours to get back to South Jakarta at peak times is just no fun.

The famous "Jags"

The self proclaimed “Best Course in Indonesia“, Jagorawi, attracted the support of less than than 50% of those voting which may reflect some resistance to its stratospheric pricing, particularly at weekends and found itself in fourth place behind the excellent Royale Jakarta.

The similarly highly priced Pondok Indah failed to attract a single vote, though this may be more to do with my having neglected to add them to the list. The superb and rather more reasonably priced Ranca Maya suffered similalry.

Finally, many thanks to the joker who offered up “Whistling Brooks” in the other category, I spent an hour going through the office copy of the excellent Golfers Guide-Indonesia Directory (80,000 Roops or something and a bargain for all Indonesia based golfers with a work problem) looking for it without success; may your life be short and nasty.

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