Indonesia’s oldest expat in marriage shock!!

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Expat foibles

Faced with a daily diet of corruption, theft, abuse and self-fornication, it is a pleasure this morning to bring you instead a truly good news story as “Jumpin” Jim Le Fevre, 87 year old former Schlumberger wireline hand and very possibly the oldest surviving expatriate in Jakarta, if not Indonesia, finally got married to long time sweetheart and partner, Dewi Sriwijaya.

Jumpin Jim and Dewi finally tie the knot

The wedding took place at Istora Senayan in Jakarta on Tuesday in a ceremony shared by 4,540 other couples in a unique Guinness Book of Records breaking event. “When I had money, it was too soon to marry and by the time we got the urge it was all too expensive” recalled Jim, “so this “free” mass wedding thing has made us both very happy”.

Jumpin’ Jim came to Indonesia from home ground in the small town of Amite City, Louisiana in 1964, first working on Shell land rigs in Sumatra before that company was nationalised and then working his way around the archipelago. According to Jim, he found Indonesia more fun that a bowl of jumping frogs, the main source of entertainment in Louisiana at the time apart from playing with your sister under the bedclothes apparently, and made it his home.

Jim met Dewi  in Oscars in Blok M in 1987 where she worked as a part time pole dancer. “She was kind of cute and went like a jack rabbit; packed on a few pounds since but remains in fine working order;” recalled Jim after the wedding ceremony as he relaxed in D’s Place with a modest Jim Beam in his right hand and a Gudang Garam in his left; “can’t smoke nothing but these suckers since I smoked my first back in the sixties” he shared with us.

Due to poor investments, Jim has suffered financially since finally retiring from the oilfield in 1997 at the age of 73 when he “couldn’t cut the mustard anymore and dropped a fish in a “big producer” and the company had to let me go”. Looking back, Jim told us that he was sad to have finished his time in the field and “would go back tomorrow if they would give me a new pair of eyes”.

Among the many wedding gifts received by the happy couple were a 3 night stay in the Honeymoon Suite of the Hotel Melawai, a much needed free facial for Dewi at Hendriatno in Pondok Indah and a case of Jim Beam from the workers at Schlumberger. Commented Jim, “I’ll have to keep away from the 6th floor at the Melawai, I was led astray there a few times when back in Jakarta from the field, them girls was so sweet.”

Asked about what had kept them together all these years, Jim said that Dewi was the only one who always laughed at his jokes, while Dewi said something in Indonesian, which made her giggle, that your reporter didn’t fully understand but might have had something to do with Jim’s fishing tackle (alat permancingan). Both agreed  however that not knowing anything of the other’s language had certainly helped.

So, congratulations to Jim and Dewi from the NottheJakartaPost ™  and its readers, may you have a long and happy married life!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to both of them…to have managed to stay together for all this time.

  2. Thanks Anonymous, indeed a touching story – ED

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