The Friday Roundup #1

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Expat foibles, Reader dialogue, Sport

It’s been a busy week for us here in the Big Durian and our brave team of reporters and editorial staff are now looking forward to the weekend and relaxing on the many fine golf courses that the city and its environs has to offer. Tee Set are at Matoa with a 9:30 tee off on Sunday, though it’s a walking course only if our corporate memory serves.

Useful also to update you on the status of a couple of the most important stories that have broken in the few weeks since the NottheJakartaPost opened it doors for the business of getting you, the Jakarta expat, the inside track on the things that are important and of interest to you.

Alex McLeish

First up we are happy to report that Alex McLeish (NtJP passim) remains out of jail and this despite what he describes as a small issue with Menggugat, Merebut dan Lari, legendary Jakarta advocates, over the non-payment of an invoice despite getting 20 mill in a  whipround from his mates a couple of weeks ago. “Aye, well” said Alex, “I’ve had a fair few billies coming up which I had to pay, ye ken, including most of the bars in the Blok which were threatening to cut off mah credit unless they got a substantial payment on account, ye ken”

The news on the Jakarta Hash House Harriers is even better, with Pak Polisi having decided not to press charges and instead release all 25 of the hashers who had found themselves incarcerated after a night of adventure off the Jagorawi Tol.

Apparently Masturbator and Wet and Ready were interviewed and were able, at length, to convince Pak Polisi there was nothing sinister about the Drinkers with a Running Problem despite the presence of Grand Masters, Religious Advisers and the various strange names they give each other, not to mention the weird rituals, charges, chanting and singing of The Circle. Normality is, however, now restored and you will find their next Hash Run details (their 2,266th) here if you feel the urge to exercise your legs and right arm in the near future. On, on.

Proudly sponsored by NottheJakartaPost

Pleased to announce that NottheJakartaPost ™ has secured its first major sponsorship deal, this with the Everest Trojan Bastards, a team in the Blok-M based FAB Pool League. Despite being creamed 9-2 in the second leg of the quarter finals by Oscar Gays, the Trojan Bastards are an ambitious lot with a sound business model; as immediate past Captain, Lob Rock put it, “we will take anybody’s bottle of Tequila”. If you look extremely closely then you may even be able to see our logo. The semi-finals and the finals will be played at MyBar on Saturday starting at 13:00; grog prices have been set attractively low and they tell me all are welcome.

Those of you with with kids on holiday and pissed off by the absence of anything worthwhile seeing in Jakarta’s movie houses may wish to take comfort from this quote from Culture and Tourism Minister, Jero Wacik, “the public will be able to watch it before the fasting month”. With the fasting month due to start July 30th  according to the Editor’s jaga, you would be well advised not to hold your breath.

Faithful reader, Sony Tarborough told us of his virus software warning him of a potential virus threat when he opened yesterday’s edition from one of our infamous e-mails. Looks very much like it was false positive as he was unable to reproduce the problem – and all our systems checked out clean, Anyway, many thanks to Sony – and do let us know if you ever experience something similar.

Finally, may your Friday evening come around quickly and your weekend be fun and relatively stress free, see you Monday ……. NottheJakartaPost

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