Weekend reflections from the Editor

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Reader dialogue

The Editor

It is now almost a month since we opened our doors here at the NottheJakartaPost ™ and it has been a fun month for the editor and staff of your favourite organ, writing about the life and times of Jakarta and Jakartans of all shapes and sizes, as seen through the distorting lens that is the expatriate’s eye.

During the month we have had some amazing reaction to a number of our stories, McLeish-gate, the unfortunate misunderstanding that was the case of the 25 Hashers and that of the transsexual pool player in particular

Many other stories have brought much support and readership, not least our green piece (sic) on the planned Indonesian nuclear reactor, but not on the same scale as the three mentioned above.

It was clear to us from early on that using Facebook to attract an audience was failing to bring in the numbers and therefore a trawl through twenty years of the editor’s e-mails was conducted and produced a list of around 200 Jakarta expats, past and present, who might have sympathy with, and an interest in, what we were offering.

We were fully aware that what we were offering would not suit all on grounds of relevance, taste, sheer time availability for many or simply understanding in the case of some non-English native speakers. We therefore made it as simple as possible to get off the list. Amazingly, to date just six, so far, on that original list have chosen to reply “get me out of here!” on the subject line as suggested They were to receive a polite acknowledgment and no more communication from us, which is how it should be of course..

Actually that is not quite true, one of the six wrote “STOP sending me this SPAM”, which rather pissed off the Editor. not least for its very rude use of capitals, and he was to personally reply to the effect that while we took issue with his characterisation of this organ as SPAM, his wishes would be respected.

As recipients over the years of so much e-mail crap pointing us to even crappier websites that we had no interest in, it is important to us that only the willing get more than one e-mail, however, the cure is in your hands. Such a marketing approach would probably get us all arrested in the West but, thank God, we are in freewheeling Indonesia, so sue us!!!

Even given the above we have to confess that it is a dagger through your Editor’s heart every time we get the dreaded “get me out of here!” e-mail; so, if you see a chap with six daggers in his upper torso on the golf course this weekend, you will know exactly what his day job is; buy him a beer. On reflection the more humane amongst you might write instead “Many thanks, I know where you live now, no more e-mails please”

So, a big thank you to those of you who hung around, enjoyed the stuff and stuck with us, we hope to keep the faith, and you mildly entertained, at least for a while longer. Oh, and many thanks to Jakarta for all the low hanging fruit.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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