Shameful Everest Sherpas in finals disgrace!

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Expat foibles, Sport

Despite a tough day at the links, your correspondent summoned up the energy to get to the Blok and cover the activities there last evening. First up was a trip to MyDump where the final of the FAB Pool League was taking place.

Shamefully, Everest Sherpas came to the final two players short and MyDump All-Knighters were to run out inevitable winners in “short time” to become champions after years of Everest domination. Really a great disappointment for those spectators who could actually see the games in a venue ill-suited to pool as a spectator sport.

The third/fourth place play off, happening simultaneously on a second table, was to provide far greater spectator interest in a tight tussle and, with Oscar Gays 8-6 down, skipper Sony Tarborough won his first frame against Top Gun Hot Shots “Samurai Kurus” to bring the spectators to the edge of their seats. In the last frame and with the balls tight, a quite remarkable two ball finish saw the “Samurai Kurus” and Hot Shots victorious at the last.

The next FAB League will not now take place until 2012 and those interested in taking part in competitive pool before then are being told that FAB League teams are to be offered places in the next Jakarta International Pool League starting in August, maybe. Sarky Mims confirmed to your corresspondent that invisible hands are hard at work and that all will be revealed in the not too distant. Inschallah.

Such a lovely helmet ......

Over at Everest Cafe later could be found large numbers of semi-inebriated Jakarta Hashers celebrating the release from jail on Thursday of 25 of their number and the return to his native Germany of Urp the Buhm, a stalwart of Jakarta hashing for some years. The Harriettes in particular seemed saddened by the prospect of no longer having Urp the Buhm, with Juicy Beaver, Wet and Ready and Drive Chicken all apparently beyond consolation. Wet and Ready was able only to say, “he has such a lovely helmet” before escaping to the ladies in floods of tears.

In a remarkable coincidence, also in Everest Cafe was newly appointed NottheJakartaPost Central America and Carribean stringer, Wony Tud, back in town for a spot of R&R. pictured here with just some of his favourite barmaids.

Finally your correspondent rather recklessly encouraged Juicy Beaver to share with our readers the origin of her fascinating moniker only to be rebuffed by the suggestion that he might like to wear a beer. It was clearly time to go home and leave the Blok to its own devices, somehow resisting the strange impulse to purchase yet another model sailing ship or oil rig on the way out.

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