DENSUS 88 in criticism shock

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Pak Polisi

There are many things that work poorly in Indonesia, or even not at all, but still receive scant criticism and this is of course a sign of overwhelming conflict of interest as usual; always remember the “follow the money” rule to give yourself a chance of understanding what is going on here.

In a remarkable example of the opposite, yesterday saw an attack on an organisation that works really rather well and has been conspicuous in its success in discharging its main duty, the pursuit of terrorists and taking them dead or alive.

Step forward DENSUS 88, the crack Indonesian special police detachment, formed after the Bali Bombings in 2002 and at least partially funded by the Governments of Australia and the US.

Since their becoming operational in 2003 DENSA 88 has, amongst other stuff, taken out all of the known senior leaders of  Jemaah Islamiyah and significant numbers of its followers while the rest keep their heads down and sleep rather uneasily at night.

Yesterday, Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University terrorism researcher Nurhadi, suggested that killing would-be terrorists is not the way to go and that a more holistic approach is needed, suggesting that various structural factors need to be taken into account such as economic, social and cultural issues. So there you go then, don’t shoot or arrest them, instead give them money, nice neighbours and free Wayang puppet shows – and the terrorism issue will go away. Fat chance.

All dressed up - and plenty of places to go

Pak Nurhadi‘s toxic distillation of Political Correctness and Modern Management Theory is, fortunately, unlikely to have much appeal to Government or Pak Polisi and he will doubtless now retire back to his cupboard at the University having gotten himself enough publicity to justify his stipend and State provided house and Toyota Avanza for another year.

DENSUS 88 – we love you – and in addition would express our appreciation of the entirely proportionate force used in handling the recent arrests of Messrs McLeish,  Dewi Rahman and indeed the 25 Hashers.

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