Brit Ambassador in allegations of humanity shock!!

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Expat foibles, General

you boy, yes, you at the back!

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Martin Alan Gobfull (MAG) is currently packing up his gear into boxes and putting sticky yellow labels on them; “they are to tell the removers which things are ours” he was to share with your reporter this morning without prompting.

Readers may have seen the usual arse licking interview in the Jakarta Post yesterday asking what his impressions of Indonesia had been, what Randy Andy (Prince Andrew, Duke of York – ED) was really like (he visited earlier this year in case you didn’t get an invitation to the excellent piss up reception at the Grand Hyatt) and what he felt had been his achievements during his time in Indonesia. The NottheJakartaPost’s own interview was however rather more intimate and, dare we say, robust, asking the hard hitting questions that matter to our own readers.

For a man in MAG’s position, he has a remarkably low profile on the Internet, a quick Google reveals little more than his visit to a Madrassa in Jogyakarta shortly after arrival in 2008, a visit to the offices of in 2010 and, in a late flurry of activity, a speech in April this year about putting Indonesia on the world map – you will find a shitty amateur video of this on YouTube here, and now his exit interviews with ourselves and the people over the road.

Even more strange is the existence of an empty Facebook page for Personal Assistant to Martin Alan Gobfull, doubtless a planned vehicle for communicating with the great man that fell by the wayside with his sudden recall to the centre of power on the North Bank.

So, Martin Alan Gobfull, man of mystery, what drives you, what makes you scream in the middle of the night, what’s your handicap?; we sent our best man to the Embassy in Kuningan to find out. Here is how it turned out.

not assisting illegal immigrants again!!

So, there you go then, it appears that a life spent at Dulwich College, Gays College Oxford and thirty years with the Foreign Office has failed to beat all the humanity out of the departing Ambassador. Just to unequivocally prove it, here is a rather less formal photo of His Excellency as he prepares for a down down at a recent TGIS Hash, taken from the files of our recently appointed Jakarta H3 stringer.

Godspeed Anal Vice and good luck with your K.

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