The Friday Roundup #2

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Expat foibles, General

Quite a week in Jakarta even by the standards of the city that really never sleeps (you want a Bubur Ayam at four thirty in the morning? – no problem, Tuan) and the staff of this organ have taken advantage of their first prison free week in some time to bring all the news that really matters to you, the fearless Jakarta expat reader.

Getting off to a bang, Monday saw another record day as measured by something called “Unique Daily Visits” which I don’t understand but is, I am told by Mas Budi who does, sort of equivalent to numbers of copies sold in traditional newspaper parlance. This was the result of our coverage of the tragic news of the death of legendary Dangdut Blues singer Dewi Rumah Anggur Merah and continuing interest in both the marriage of “Jumpin Jack” Le Fevre and the downfall and disgrace of Everest Sherpas in the final of the FAB League at the ever popular MyDump.

The revelations Wednesday of further graft and corruption in the ongoing (never ending? – ED) “Caddygate” saga kept up the pace while yesterday’s frank and revealing inside track interview with departing British Ambassador, Martin Alan Mugfull, proved a major hit, with record-breaking single story one day traffic; our thanks to the many staff at the Embassy who loyally passed it on to their mates at other Embassies and  the Foreign Office back in London, that really helped.

In a remarkable further development, our Blok-M correspondent actually managed to get out of the Blok on Wednesday night in order to cover the JAS qualification round from elsewhere round the city. In the office the following morning he was full of praise for one of the venues, FEZ Bar on Kemang Raya.

“It’s got GREAT food and beers reasonably priced in what is a superb pool venue, they even have individual lockers for players cues and stuff!!!” he shouted to a small but spellbound audience of NottheJakartaPost staffers, “good lighting and A/C and extractor fans to keep the cigarette smoke down to a bearable level, the whole place expensively kitted out and a small live band who knew how to sing without blowing the house down, what’s not to like?”

The only thing he could think of in answer to his own question was the owner’s toddlers running unfettered round the place at 11pm – I guess you can’t have everything. (BTW this is not a paid puff, we don’t do ’em – ED)

Our Jakarta film industry insider confirms that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows(?)  WILL be showing at all Blitz Megaplex and most Cincma 21 starting today, though bookings are unbelievably strong and all popular times at ALL Megaplex are fully booked for two weeks ahead. Personally, I am waiting for Transformers 3.

Our insider was also to let us know that the share register for the newly Government licensed Indonesian film importer, Omega Films, bears close inspection; followers of Caddygate will be stunned to find it contains friends and family of President Bapak “Honest” Jack Coldcall, known to one and all as BJC.

Finally, we are delighted that our praise on Monday for the great work done by DENSUS 88 in anticipating terrorism and going after those guilty of it has found resonance over the road at our alter ego, the Jakarta Post. We intend to stretch our lead beyond four days in future.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, do it well – and enjoy – ED

PS thanks to Pattaya Days for their link this morning, and welcome any Pattaya Days readers who make it over this way, come see us anytime; if you think of Jakarta as Pattaya with Indonesian characteristics then you won’t go too far wrong.

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