A city stunned

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Corruption, General

In a city already stunned by recent widespread reports of institutionalised cheating in schools, Jakartans woke yesterday morning to news of a government investigation into a city school system that concluded:

More than 170 teachers and administrators spent 10 years helping students in the school system cheat on a standardised exam. The multiple-choice exam is used to determine if schools have met standards set at a National level.

“Thousands of school children were harmed by widespread cheating in the School System.” The cheating included instructors and administrators giving children answers, erasing wrong answers, hiding and changing documents, offering cash to encourage cheating, and punishing employees who refused to cheat.

Of the 178 administrators and teachers involved in the scandal, 82 confessed. Thirty-eight of the accused were principals.

Quite shocking we are sure you will agree and, as a mild diversion from its seriousness, we offer you your own multiple choice exam on which school district you think was involved. No cheating, right.


Small prize for those who come up with the right answer. We will reveal the district involved on Monday. Thank you for your time.

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