Georgia on my mind

Posted: August 1, 2011 in General

There is clearly a trust issue around local government in Pondok Indah.  Almost 50% of those voting in our quiz on the guilty party in the massive cheating going on in school examination results that we reported Saturday chose the home of the elite in South Jakarta as the likely culprit with Kuningan and Slipi only a distant second and third respectively.

In fact the guilty school district involved was Atlanta, Georgia in the good ‘ole US of A, so that should be a useful lesson in the dangers of jumping to conclusions.

After the recent expat sniffiness here over the revelations of systemic cheating in at least some Indonesian schools and how it was “no more or less than one could expect”, I guess Joe Expat might take a humble pill and go to bed early.

The NtJP recommends “follow the money” as the way to get to the heart of any issue in Indonesia. It appears to work in Georgia also with all the cheating, at bottom, intended to secure extra funds from the “no child left behind” programme, one of the few George W legacies of which he might reasonably be proud.

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