NtJP in moggok shock!!

Posted: August 3, 2011 in General

Not the Jakarta Post employees delivered a stinging rebuke to the journal’s management this evening in this statement e-mailed to the Editor at 17:30 today’ just as he was preparing to break his fast at Warung Budi on Rasuna Said.

“An unwelcome development at this stage of my organ’s development” was the great man’s immediate reaction, before finishing off a steaming bowl of his favourite Mie Rebus with egg and all the trimmings.

Kami semua marah sekali kepada Bapak, disebabkan harus kerja terus menerus tanpa tambahan dong.

Semua badan pegawai tidak enak.

Kecuali kalau kami bisa dapat lembur atau kami akan moggok

Roughly, according to Google, this means they are working too hard and want to be paid for overtime otherwise their bodies will not be delicious and ends with a threat to strike unless their condition is met.

The Editor has told them if they are not in the office at 06:00 sharp on Friday, then they should all consider themselves sacked. To be honest with you, the Editor is pretty knackered too after the excitement of the past few days and has decided to bugger off for the day tomorrow as he put it himself and will instead once again be testing out the Jagorawi Tol and the very lovely Rainbow Hill GC on behalf of readers.

See you Friday, mudah-mudahan

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