Editor in arraignment crisis!!!

Posted: August 5, 2011 in General

going, going, nearly gone?

For the Editor, yesterday was to prove to be a day of mixed fortunes as, after hitting his best ever round of 39-43-82 on the wonderful Rainbow Hills course and a fast journey both ways on a Jagorawi Tol where most of the fourth lane upgrade is in place, he had an unwelcome visit from Pak Polisi not long after he had broken his fast with a delicious Soto Ayam at his Kemang residence.

Following long questioning overnight at South Jakarta’s main police station, the Editor was arraigned this morning at the Kemang district courthouse with Judge Bapak Abdullah Yunus Sutjiati presiding.

In view of likely high interest in the matter, the courthouse issued a prompt verbatim  of the proceedings in Bahasa Indonesia. What follows therefore is a Google aided translation of that document, so bear in mind that the editor gave evidence in English which was translated by a court official who wrote it down in Indonesian before being translated back into English by us with the help of a programme that translates “Badan kami tidak enak” as our “bodies are not delicious”.

So, what does this all mean for you the reader apart I guess from the fact that you will not be reading too much of XXXXX 88‘s derring do in the future? Fortunately, it is the weekend coming up so we will be on break as usual and, inschallah, we will be able to consult with the Editor about what to do next week. We will keep you posted … Mas Budi, IT Manager

PS we called off the strike as soon as we heard of Bapak Editor’s arrest.

  1. oigal says:

    What’s the relevance of the picture? I am confused…

  2. Mas Budi has managed to delete the reply once, however here goes again …

    The photo is actually of some road laying equipment at the side of the Jagorawi Jalan Tol mentioned. This Tol is of vital importance to the Jakarta Golfer as most of the best courses are accessed from it.

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