Will cost me my virginity, ya!

Posted: August 6, 2011 in General

Selamat pagi semua, the Editor is now a guest in an undisclosed jail in East Jakarta and earlier sent me this e-mail. I plan to visit him this afternoon.

Mas Budi, this is costing me 20,000 roops to send on a handphone borrowed from the head honcho here, so don’t fuck up as I am told that failure to pay today will cost me my virginity, ya!

Bring me 200 Marlboro, 100,000 roops in small denomination bills, six cans of Anker and a can of Baygon, I was nearly eaten alive last night. Oh, and a bottle of ABC Sambal, the stuff here takes the enamel off your teeth. Better also bring some “uang kopi” to make sure I actually get the stuff.

Tell Tee Set I won’t be playing tomorrow and cancel my Jakarta Post for a week.

Give the weekend browsers something to read and put up the FUQs page that I have been working on; it is on the red thumb drive to the left of my monitor if Pak Polisi didn’t arrest it too.

Later, ED

He doesn’t seem very happy, he doesn’t usually swear, anyway. I have just put the Frequently Unanswered Questions page up, hope you understand it, it is quite beyond me.

Selamat Siang, Mas Budi, IT Manager

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