Deputy Editor in Bruised Genitals Shock!!

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Environment, Reader dialogue

The evening before the Editor’s unfortunate arrest and subsequent imprisonment, we shared a few sun downers at the Eastern Promise in Kemang and reviewed progress since we first published, rather oddly on the 30th June, with an insightful piece on the President’s wife’s pussy,

Overall we thought that we were pretty uncertain about where we where and also agreed that we didn’t know where the hell we were going to, but maybe that was healthy. Not having shareholders and quarterly earnings reports can be a real plus some days.

On the same occasion, I was rather surpised to hear the ED say that the piece he was “happiest” with since we opened our doors was not in fact any of the DENSUS 88 blockbusters that were to shake the foundations of the Expat community here in Jakarta, but rather a short but sharp piece on the mooted development of nuclear facilities on Bangka Island.

Never seen him as much of a tree hugger to be honest, however, he was absolutely furious that “they” were even considering such a development “especially when they do fuck all with all the bounteous sunshine God has given Indonesia“. For an atheist he is true believer in bringing the supreme being into argumentation.

Coming soon to an island near you?

Keep the fucking issue alive“, he told me and, with an eye on my own career development, I will share with you the news reported by the Jakarta Post last week, news that went with no comment or analysis from the “journalists” on an organ that rarely manages to join up the dots.

Boiled down to its basics. the news is that 18 Bangka youngsters are being bribed to support given generous scholarhips to study Nuclear Technology. Ermmm, right.

The President and Chief Executive Office of our friendly rivals at the highly recommended, if politically flawed, Jakartass, shares our nuclear concerns and sent us this link about a Swede who has been developing Nuclear Technology in his kitchen, with the suggestion that the BTNNI (the Indonesian National Nuclear Research Institute) may very well be in the market for the guy, wouldn’t cost them too much more than a nice house with large kitchen in Kemang and a couple of kilos of herring a month he reckons.

Dewi being shown how to do it properly by a "technical expert"

Crazier things have happened here for sure, so we have arranged with Top Gun to get one of their prettier girls to run a Geiger Counter over all new arrivals in Blok-M just in case.

A trial run this morning led to several sets of bruised genitals including my own, however, Dewi (her real name) will undoubtedly improve with practice.

Dimas ST, Deputy Editor and Acting Editor

PS the Editor is alive and well and met with his legal advisers in prison yesterday, though we have as yet no reports of any developments.

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