Water Cooler 1 – signing of the times

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Expat foibles

The buzz around the office water cooler this morning from our local staff was all about something that came in on the wire overnight from Reuters. The source of all the merriment, and disbelief, was one Tom Willard, of Rochester, New York, who has filed a complaint with the US Justice department.

The reason for all the fuss was that Tom is a deaf guy and a nudist park in upstate New York had failed to provide him with a sign language interpreter at its annual festival. To add to the merriment, and the collapse of several stout parties, the wire added that Tom was also suing a local comedy club that had also refused to provide him with his own personal interpreter.

There are days when I thank God that I live in Indonesia, a country that hasn’t gotten around to all this bullshit yet, probably because it can’t afford to. The US has yet to get around to the notion that it can’t afford it either; maybe the Tea party will be of some use after all.

Also causing some amusement with the cooler malingerers was Facebook user Aulan Wapriliani  telling the people over the road that she loves Facebook as her fiancee pokes her every day, “this makes my heart melt” she was quoted as saying. And why not, say we.

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