Friday Roundup #3

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Reader dialogue

August is not generally a wild month for news globally, however, in this as with many other things, Jakarta is different and the big stories just, er, keep on coming.

Maybe not ....

On Monday, and having become a martyr for press freedom with his incarceration in Jakarta’s LP Cipinang, the Editor managed to smuggle out a harrowing and tear provoking account of his first days of suffering there in a post that also saw the invariably plebian NtJP‘s first ever inclusion of poetry. Don’t worry, you haven’t wandered into the wrong organ, it won’t happen again.

With the Deputy Editor in harness, His Omnipotence‘s interest in the Bangka Island nuclear bomb power facility came up once again on Tuesday, please visit as it makes His Omnipotence very happy.

With the UK in flames, Pak Polisi was taking no chances on Wednesday night and pretty much “did an Assad” on expat rich Kemang, where it was possible to shake hands with up to 2,000 of Pak Polisi’s finest without moving off Jl. Bangka Raya. Data emerging from the Sceptered Isle indicates that 90% of the thousands already arrested there were 18 and under, not the sort of demographic to be found in the Big Durian’s expat community, though Pak Polisi might be well advised to keep an eye on the playing fields of JIS and BIS. The word on the street has it, however, that their students are all too spaced out to riot most of the time and too privileged to acquire new trainers other than with their Mastercards, so looks like we are safe until the Rakyat rises up.

Finally, late last evening, we brought the exclusive inside story on the discovery and arrest of fugitive from justice, Paddy O’Finnion, former Treasurer of Golfers of Democracy (GOD), in Cartagena, Colombia. That the “invisible hand” of the NtJP was able play a full part is a source of great pride to us here.

As ever it seems the entire staff, with the exception of Mbak Dewi, will be taking advantage of the many fine golf courses offered by the city that really never sleeps. Mbak Dewi will instead be going to the Mal and her favourite salon. We hope that you too get to do what you enjoy, whatever it is and so long as it’s legal.

Sampai Monday, ED

  1. Bintang boy says:

    Thanks for the chuckles, best week yet.

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