In the matter of NottheJakarkta Post LLC (in liquidation)

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Business, Reader dialogue

In the matter of NottheJakarkta Post LLC (in liquidation) please be advised that a petition is before this court from the Administrators seeking approval of the sale of the business on a “current valuation” plus intangible asset basis to Mata Pribadi (Channel Islands) LLC . A summary of the final transaction is as follows.

The full sum payable by Mata Pribadi (Channel Islands) LLC has been lodged in an escrow account with this court pending approval of the petition from the Liquidators of NottheJakarkta Post LLC (in liquidation).

Any objections to the sale on the financial terms stated must be provided in writing, signed, addressed and with the Clerk to the Court at the following address on or before 7th September 2011.

Clerk to the Court

Kemang Commercial Court

Kemang Raya 239(b)

Jakarta Seletan

This Statutory Notice is also published , as required, in the Jakarta Posr, Jakarta Globe and Kompas.

Bapak Hj. Nury N. Hitachi, Clerk to the Court

  1. LobRokz says:

    Wot about the half bottle of Tequila at MyBar. Never heard of Aztec brand, but can”t be all that bad…. Want some help finishing that one off? LobRokz

    • My Dear Roksoff … regrettably, all of the bottles are under court seal with unbelievably harsh punishments in store for anyone interfering with ’em. The sentences for killing an Amadiyah are significantly less in fact.

      I do understand however that Tuan Sake will be pushing the boat out this evening for those attending the FAB Rules Committee in Everest 🙂 ED

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