NtJP in brown envelope shock!!

Posted: September 5, 2011 in General

Indications from the Kemang Commercial Court are that, short of the odd brown envelope, the deal with Mata Pribadi will get approval this coming Friday.

While Mata Pribadi‘s plans are not yet in the public domain, we understand that they will be publishing a fortnightly satirical magazine and, given such a schedule is less likely to interfere with his golf, the Editor has indicated he may be willing to contribute to this brave new venture on a part-time basis. Looks like I may get a job too!!

Assuming that all goes well. the first issue of Mata Pribadi can be expected around 14th September we are given to understand. As they will by then have legal entitlement to our subscriber list, we guess that you can expect to hear from them then, if not before.

Mas Budi, IT Manager

  1. Jakartass says:

    Can you pay contributors?

    How about an exclusive interview with Governor Fuzzy Bodoh?

  2. In discussions with the new publisher, they have offered to pay the Editor only in liquid form, that may cost them more than they think!!

  3. but the inside track on Fuzzy sounds just up their street!!!

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