About us

NottheJakarta Post ™ is a not-for-profit publication dedicated to that proportion of mankind that calls Jakarta home and having “helping make their future a better place” as its Vision.

The objectives NottheJakartaPost has set for itself in achieving this Vision include reducing Jakarta’s carbon footprint and levels of corruption, encouraging the supply of fine beers and wines at reasonable prices and improving general health and fitness levels.

NottheJakartaPost‘s  approach to achieving its objectives are in the main by reducing traffic, providing fresh water on tap for all and ridding the city of KOPAJA, Metro Mini and Bajaij, providing a highly focused advertising niche for purveyors of top class beers and fine wines, bringing back the becak and, not least,  encouraging greater use of Jakarta’s very many fine golf courses and pool tables. Our progress against these highly ambitious targets will be reviewed in Q1 2012 by independent experts and its results displayed in full here.

Please do your bit to help us in achieving our vision by signing up as a subscriber so that we can flog off your e-mail addresses to dodgy organisations  keep in touch with you over the many new and exciting developments we have planned.

Happy reading!!

The Editor, Jakarta

Contacting us

E-mails to NottheJakartaPost@gmail.com please ….

We are on Facebook as Notthe   JakartaPost …. feel free to friend us there …

Follow us on Twitter at the rather unfortunately named NottheJakartaPo … maximum of 15 letters apparently ….

  1. thanks, it is always good to see a smiling face, ED

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