Welcome to the NottheJakartaPost‘s Frequently Unanswered Questions page or FUQs as we have rather fondly dubbed it.

Thanks to all the readers who provided questions, and indeed to Mbak Dewi for making some up that she thought readers would have asked if they had only had more time.

We guess that if you got down as far as this that it is not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility that another question has occurred to you that demands our attention. If so then send it to us here and, if interesting or amusing enough, then we will add it to the FUQs together with our answer. Thanks for your time.

  1. King says:

    There are specific breeds lower susceptible to chocolate however never give your dog chocolate
    by choice. Go ahead. We have hhad other pets since Maggie aand faced the same end-of-lifedecision yyears later with
    our two springer spaniels.

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